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Our Methodology


We are keen on sharing comprehensive information that could help our clients grasp the AML knowledge and requirements set forth by the Canadian regulatory authority (i.e. FINTRAC).  Furthermore, we will provide our clients access online platforms that will allow them to: 

  1. assess their present AML risk
  2. set up core AML related procedures
  3. conduct AML screening on clients in KYC process

Of course, we are more than happy to provide essential training (both tailor-made or online package) and consulting services on KYC, transaction reporting and record keeping.


  1. What is AML?
  2. How can we defend as a business sector? 
  3. Consequence of do nothing?
  4. How can we start? 

By starting an AML compliance program:

(Fulfilling the reporting, record keeping, Client ID and KYC)

  • Designate a Compliance Officer at institution
  • Set-up AML compliance policies and procedures
  • Assess AML risk based on Risk-Based Assessment Model
  • Establish an internal compliance training program
  • Review the compliance program every 2 years at minimum

Products & Services

Currently, we provide 4 products and 2 services to help you to mitigate your AML risk.


Products -


Services -



We are a start-up software and solutions provider company aimed at helping Canadian Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) to better protect themselves from money laundering and terrorist financing.

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We are here to mitigate AML risk and we never give up on the challenges.