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Money Services Businesses (MSBs)

Ensure the continued success in the Money Services Businesses (MSBs).

The MSBs provide a series of professional services to their customers including remittance and currency exchange.  Apart from formulating a unique set of transaction-based strategies, you may have to fulfill your overall strategy on corporate governance as well as comply with the regulatory requirement, more specifically, the know your customer (KYC) process and other compliance issues.  Our company can provide AML screening as well as a risk assessment tool for your enterprise, during your workflow on helping your clients for performing different transactions.  We are opting for providing you with a set of sensible and affordable products and solutions that fits your needs.


Common use case


  1. Verify the identity of the customers in the course of remittance and currency exchange
  2. Check the transaction counterparts against the PEP / Sanction list
  3. Assess the AML risk level of the customers based on objective ruling 
  4. Outline a unique set of the risk-mitigation strategy in the course of money business


We are a start-up software and solutions provider company aimed at helping Canadian Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) to better protect themselves from money laundering and terrorist financing.

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